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    • Hi Josh I wanted to post your remix but the link you sent doesn’t work.. If you want it posted leave me a new comment on the Share Your Remix Page



    Competition Information:
    Here’s your opportunity to win two different prizes for this Remix Contest with Deep & Disco! We have provided STEMS for you to create a unique remix, with your own special sound. The deadline is two weeks. The sooner you create the remix, the more likely you’ll be able to win $100 (Prize A) – and the better the quality of the remix, the more likely you’ll get an Official Release (Prize B).

    How it Works:
    Create a Remix from the Stems
    Upload your Remix to MetaPop
    Edit Remix and Link to Original Track (Take It Slow)
    MetaPop will Auto-Distribute to our YouTube Channel and Monetize for you. Add your PayPal info to get paid.

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  2. ROOM8 Ft. Christina – Better Than Music (Goov With Groove Rmx)


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