Color Of Nothing Remix Comp

DEADLINE: 12/15/17
TRACK:Songs from Color Of Nothing

Contest Page

Remix Contest…Get creative with us!!!

We hope that everyone has been enjoying our latest release Color of Nothing!  As we have done for past releases, we have decided to do a Remix Contest for songs from Color of Nothing!!

We already have some VERY special guest remixers lined up, and this is your chance to get your remix on the album.  We know there is tons of talent out there, and we can’t wait to hear what you will do.  Our favorite remixes will be included on the CD,  along with our eternal thanks, love and appreciation, an autographed copy of the album when it comes out, and $75 worth of anything from our store.

There are going to be different songs that are remixed, and we want to make sure that everyone doesn’t remix the same song, so here’s how it’s going to work:

Pick your favorite song(s) from Color of Nothing that you’d like to remix, and email us.  If you’d like to try to remix more than one song, that’s fine.  We’ll send you the Remix Contest agreement, and the stems of the songs.

Feel free to go wild on them…get creative.



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