Musings of Memes Remix Comp

GENRE: Dubstep
150 bpm : Key – Fmaj
ARTIST: Vofetura
TRACK: Musings of Memes
Contest Page

There will be 3 winners. Submit your remixes by emailing them to me on the email address on my youtube channel’s ‘About’ tab. Feel free to send them in anytime before the end date. You can post them anywhere before the end (you don’t need to keep them private.)

All of the stems and some midi’s are included in the download folder. I made all of these from scratch so don’t worry about copyrighted samples.

I will announce the winners by posting a video on my channel with their song  (no ads since it’s not my work, it’s mostly the work of the remixer). I’ll post 3rd place on 6/17, 2nd place on 6/19, and 3rd place on 6/21.

Don’t use these stems for anything other than a remix of this song. Don’t use copyrighted samples in your remix.




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