Orion Remix Comp

GENRE: Drum & Bass
ARTIST: Mayhem x Logam
TRACK: Orion
Contest Page

To enter simply download the stems from the Santoku Records bandcamp page and have at it. Click “Free Download” and then choose your desired file format. An email address will be required in order to download. You may use any outside samples of your choice as long as they’re royalty free. You are permitted to use the samples from this pack only for and exclusively for the purpose of this remix. Once completed, upload your track to your soundcloud page as a private song and send the link to thomas@santokurecords.com with the subject “(Your Artist Name) Orion Remix Competition”.

Once the competition is over and the winner(s) have been announced all remixes can be posted publicly. Winner(s) will win a release on Santoku Records alongside some very big names in the scene on a forthcoming remix LP as well as a pair of EarPeace HD acoustic filters. Competition begins Feb 6th and ends March 31st .



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