Abroad Remix Comp

ARTIST: BOXINBOX & LIONSIZE x VoiceSS feat. Liam Cloud
TRACK: Abroad
Contest Page


– A trip to Barcelona (Flights + Accommodation)
– A chance to perform at one of the AbroadFest Events
– The Official Remix of the Abroad Song

Submissions and Voting Close at 11:59pm PST on February 23rd.

The Rules:
– Any style for the remix of the song is accepted
– Participants must be +18
– Coming from anywhere in the world

Getting your track to the top of the chart will increase exposure and consideration, but the winner will ultimately be chosen by the judging panel based on votes, creativity and quality, regardless of it’s ranking.

  • Flights can be from anywhere around the World. The winner is responsible for the difference, if applicable. Winner is responsible for ground transportation.

Winner will be contacted via e-mail. Please include your preferred email on your wavo profile.



2 responses to “Abroad Remix Comp

  1. If the bpm and key isn’t listed then it wasn’t available to me when I found the contest. I would suggest contacting Wavo or the producer running the contest. Good Luck !!


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