Discode Remix Comp

GENRE: EDM, Electronic
TRACK: Discode
Contest Page

Remix Contest Rules:
1-Go to Olowex Website here:http://www.olowex.com/
Enter your mail adress/Subscribe to the Olowex Website then you will receive the Remix Parts(Remix Package) to start your own remix!

2-Listen CUBASE FM and get easily your Remix Pack too http://cuebase-fm.de/black/ Indeed the famous German Electronic radio will from now every hour announce the DISCODE Remix contest and will give you all infos to enter the remix contest!

3-Once your remix is ready, put it on your own soundcloud and post it on this facebook event to have a chance to be featured on the next So French Release!

4-In March, a jury composed of Olowex, So French members and Radio Cuebase FM members will choose the best remix(s) from the contest!

5-The big Winner(s) will be featured next to Olowex and Famous Guest remixers on a digital and limited vinyl edition!


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