Hijack Remix Comp

GENRE: Techno
ARTIST: Urban Francis & Bolivia
TRACK: Hijack
Contest Page

The prize for the contest winner will be $300 in Canadian dollars.  The Canadian dollar is currently weak, and is worth less than the US dollar.  This amount can be paid to the winner as long as you have Paypal or Interac Email Transfer capabilities.  If the winner is a Canadian resident, I’m also willing to mail a cheque if you don’t use Paypal or Interac Email Banking.  I will not send a cheque or use any other type of money transfer service to non-Canadian residents.  The recipient of the winning prize is solely responsible for reporting and submitting any relevant income taxes that might apply to your prize money in your country of residence.  Canadian residents will not enjoy any preference in judging.  We want this to be a global contest.  Having said this, we do expect a number of Canadian entrants, so it’s possible that the winner could be a Canadian.  Just rest assured that we definitely won’t discriminate against non-Canadians!  The majority of the winners of our past remix contests have been non-Canadians.

For all the details visit the official Contest Page


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