Throatless Remix Comp

GENRE: EDM,Electronic
ARTIST: Argiflex
Contest Page

Bedlam Tapes will be taking a break from releasing albums for the month of January, but we are holding a special contest in our absence.

We are inviting any and all to remix any song from Argiflex’s 2016 release THROATLESS, and the opportunity to appear on a compilation album of the remixes.

Those who are chosen to appear on the remix album will receive:

-An original THROATLESS yellow cassette
-Bedlam Tapes 2015-2016 compilation CD

Provided for you are the stems to the 5 original tracks from THROATLESS:!21MhXCIQ!xPg8yik-9LjowbW_unXa5A

The rules for the contest are as follows:

1.You can use any stem from any song off THROATLESS to make your remix, feel free to mix and match. Just please clarify which song/songs you took stems from.
2.The style or genre of the song is completely up to you, vaporwave, noise, drone, future funk, trap, juke, IDM, hardvapour, the sky is the limit!
3.You can use your own original production as well as samples for your remix. But if you do use samples, please try to be clever with your sampling, use obscure samples, or mask them to the best of your ability. Also if you use samples, please clarify what you sampled.
4.Please submit your remix in .WAV format.
5.Please submit your remix to with “THROATLESS REMIX” in the subject line, and use the following format in your email:

1)“Remix title”
2)”The producer/artist name you are submitting the remix as”
3)“The THROATLESS song/songs you used stems from”
4)“The source of any samples you used and/or any additional notes about the remix”
5)You may attach the file to the email or use a file uploading service such as MEGA, Zippyshare, GoogleDrive, or Dropbox. Please do not use Wetransfer.

6.Please submit your remix by February 1st. This will be the cutoff date for submissions.
7.Please do not publicly post your remix until you have confirmation you are or are not on the final remix album. We will be informing those who made the cut in February. Publicly posting your remix before the release will not disqualify you from the album, but we would prefer you didn’t until the release.

That’s it! Please also note that by submitting a remix to Bedlam Tapes, you are agreeing to allow said remix to be possibly released in the future in a digital and/or physical format.

Thank to everyone who made Bedlam Tapes what is, and we are very excited to bring you new amazing music in 2017! Good luck everyone!



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