Torment Remix Comp

GENRE: Deathstep
ARTIST: Dysfunction
TRACK: Torment
Contest Page

I will determine the top three winning tracks.
Your own presets and drum samples are allowed, but a remix must still be recognizable as Torment.

Send completed full remixes to me here:

>>>>>> <<<<<<<

After the deadline, i will be uploading every remix to my soundcloud.
I will be putting all three winning tracks in an album, along with the original track, and my VIP.

Official rules:
1. Title your track “Torment (_______ remix)”
2. Track must be over 3 minutes
3. Must be recognizable
4. All other samples and presets are allowed
5. The original track is deathstep, but all genres are allowed
6. Please use the original cover art
7. Bring the heat and have fun doing it 🙂

Out of all the remixes, only three with be selected for first, second, and third place, and recieve prizes, but everyone who entered will get an honorable mention on my Soundcloud and the official Dysfunction Deathstep Facebook page. Good luck!



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