Killer Clowns Remix Comp

GENRE: Drum & Bass
ARTIST: Krusty
TRACK: Killer Clowns
Contest Page

For the launch of our record label we are holding a remix competition to remix Killer Clowns by Chris Lovellt AKA ( Krusty )

1. Like our facebook page and send us a message for the link to the stems:
2. Like Krusty’s facebook page:
3. when done send the full remix WAV to
4. You can upload a clip on soundcloud ( no more than a minute and a half ) and in the name write SBP003 Remix competition
5. the most important rule is enjoy yourself
2 winners will get released on the krusty killer clowns EP and get 50% on sale
both winners will also get a sub bass physics goodie bag with a t-shirt, hoody and keyring.
First place will also get a pair of AKG 240 MKII studio headphones
good luck all
sub bass physics



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