Terror Drums Remix Comp

GENRE: EDM,  Electro
ARTIST: Jay-B & Ivan Armilis
TRACK: Terror Drums
Conest Page

1st Prize:
-Release on Lost&Found records
-Promotion by artists, label and more! (Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube etc.)(55k followers accounts)
– Support by TopEdmDrops

2nd Prize:
– Repost by artist, label and more! (55k followers accounts)
– Support by TopEdmDrops

3rd Prize:-Promotion (1.8k followers accounts)
-Youtube Video at RoadRageReposts!


Rule 1: Do not use the stems for your own track without any permission. If you want to use them please contact JayB or Ivan Armilis (Links are


Rule 2: The Stems and MIDI’s and also your own remix are not intended for commercial purposes.

Rule 3: Please upload your remix like this: Jay-B x Ivan Armilis – Terrordrums (”YOUR NAME” Remix)

Rule 4: Be creative and create your own artwork or use the original artwork. Your artwork is not going to be judged, but you should create/choose an

artwork with the names ”Jay-B” ”Ivan Armilis”.

Rule 5: Do not publish your track as free download till the competition ends.

Rule 6: Make sure you upload a high quality MP3 track (320kb/s) and be sure your track is mastered well.



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