Mac Remix Comp

GENRE: Techno
ARTIST: Ronny Vergara
Contest Page

Welcome to the Ronny Vergara’s remix contest in collaboration with Dolma Rec

Follow the steps and win a place alongside Ronny Vergara at the release of his upcoming EP “MAC”

Hans Bouffmyhre has already produced the first remix, up to you to do the rest…

  1. Share the contest on your Facebook profil and tag “Ronny Vergara, Hans Bouffmyhre, Dolma Rec”
    If you don’t share and tag, your participation will not be validated
  2. Click for download

  3. Create an original techno remix of the track until 31th october 2016
  4. Upload your track on Soundcloud
  5. Share your remix on the official event below
    Click here for the official event
  6. We post the name of the winner the 6th november 2016 in this page



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