Heavy Metal Remix Comp

GENRE: EDM, Electro
ARTIST: Trizzoh
TRACK: Heavy Metal
Soundcloud Contest Page

Download the stems here: hypeddit.com/index.php?fan_gate…8Tr406apnIave4VGip

All remixes should be submitted to this facebook group.www.facebook.com/groups/1606766402672197/

Contest rules:
Remixes must not contain any copyrighted material.
Contest submission from September 14th to October 14th. (2016)
The two winners will be announced on October 15th.
The two winners will have their track released on Subsolar Recordings and the track will be reposted to our repost network of over 1,100 real followers and reposted on Trizzohs soundcloud of over 1,000 followers
Also a custom artwork and youtube video for the track will be created.

Judging is not based on votes. It is based on creativity, mixing, and overall production. However if your track receives likes and comments on the link it will only help your chances of winning.



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