Cherry Blossom Remix Comp

GENRE: Chillstep, Electronic
ACCEPTED REMIX GENRE’S : Chillstep, Ambient, Melodic Dubstep,  Trip Hop, Glitch Hop
ARTIST: Objective Beta
TRACK: Cherry Blossom
Soundcloud Contest Page

There will be 3 winners, each has a different priZe.
the 3rd place gets featured on the Remix EP.
The 2nd place gets featured and wins a Massive(As in, VST)pack with over 20 presets.
The 1st place gets featured, wins a Bigger Massive pack with over 35 presets and a chance to collab with Objective Beta. (FL users only!)

Hi everybody, it’s time to announce something special!
Today, the 24.08.2016, the remix competition of Cherry Blossom has finally opened, and will stay until the last day of the next month (30.09.2016).
All the remixes should be sent on the e-mail down below, because SoundCloud deleted groups for some fucking reason.

There is unfortunately a genre limit, so that it fits the label, it has to be:
Melodic Dubstep
Trip Hop (Like Vaporwave music lmao would love to hear a remix out of that)
Or Glitch hop, but not hard Glitch Hop.

So, all the important are here, the stems, the track info and all of that other stuff.
BPM: 121bpm
KEY: B-Minor



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