Nani Remix Comp Remix Comp

GENRE: Dubstep
145 BPM  Key : Fmin
ARTIST: Kozmos
Contest Page

★ Stems:

★ Rules:
→ 1. Finish your remix by 09/25/2016 & send to this email (
→ 2. Set your track to free download using a download gate website like Artist Union & add my account to the download gate.
→ 3. Do not overuse stems please be creative & if you use stems use them tastefully!
→ 4. Post track in this Facebook Group!

★ Prizes:
→ First Place – 200k worth of promotion, Option to collab with me & all the presets from my track.
→ Second Place – 30k worth of promotion.
→ Third Place – 15k worth of promotion.

★ Track Info:
→ Scale – F Minor
→ BPM – 145 BPM




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