Thunderstorm Remix Comp

GENRE: Electronic, NuDisco, Hip-Hop, All Style… Be creative
BPM: 115 – KEY: Eb
ARTIST: Jetlakes
TRACK: Thunderstorm
Hosted by Jetprod
Official link with official rules
Official link with official rules :

Djs and producers, Swiss band Jetlakes is pleased to invite you to remix their track Thunderstorm. All music genres are welcome. We hope you’ll do surprise us.

Official rules are simple and basics :
1. Download the remix pack that includes :
Main + Backing vocals .wav
Instrumental .wav
Final mix .wav
Thunderstorm cover .jpg
Thunderstorm Special Remix Video .mp4 (1080)
Download link :
2. Create your own remix
Just be creative and have some fun. All music genres are welcome.
If it’s hot in your country, do not forget to drink water
3. Share it with #ThunderstormRemix
Submit your remix on your Soundcloud, your Facebook or Youtube pages. Just don’t forget the hashtag « #ThunderstormRemix »
Please send us a message via FB for example to let us know it’s online ! We’re already looking forward to hearing your submission
Producer is authorized to use parts of Thunderstorm songs for this remix ONLY. No other use of your remix is possible without band permission.
No commercial use permitted. But feel free to contact band management if you’d like to do so.
The video clip featuring Nathalie Veyrat and the band can be use ONLY to illustrate your Thunderstorm remix. No other use of the video clip is permitted. Thanks !
Also, please be kind and credit Jetlakes band for the song,
Such as the following geniuses here below that worked hard to put out this video :
Directed by: Bastien Bron /
D.O.P: David Baumann /
Assistant: Quentin Juvet
Sets: Michel Imhof & Alice Van Lierde
Production: Artaban Filmance
Edit & grading: Das Playground
With Nathalie Veyrat and Jetlakes band
Special thanks to : Andreas Doering
As most of the today’s artists, we’re too poor to give away money prizes. We prefer to buy better beers instead.
But, up to 4 remixes will be rewarded and part of the upcoming Thunderstorm Remix E.P. (Digital only, it’s damned too expensive to print Cds… Except if you produce a pearl), out this fall 2016, promoted in Switzerland. You’ll also get a FB push by Official Jetlakes FB page. That’s for free.
Deadline is September 15th. Public results announcement on September 24th. We do have a special gig in Geneva at Chat Noir that night. And you’re welcome by the way.
Yeah !
Jetlakes band



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