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Remixers wanted for a musical tribute to Holocaust victims

MXF has partnered with The International Centre for Litvak Photography to work on an exciting and innovative musical tribute to a family who were murdered in the Holocaust. You can read the fascinating story here: Mystery pre-Holocaust photo trove turns out to be of family of US scholars

Make one of The Aniushka Variations

As a memorial to the family, a specially commissioned classical piece called “The Kaunas Requiem” has been composed by Ukrainian musician Anton Dehtariov, and now we are looking for produers to remix it and reinterpret it.

The best remixes will be featured on the album “The Aniushka Variations” which will be distributed worldwide. The album is named after the mother of the lost family, whose photographs were smuggled out of the Kaunas ghetto before the family was murdered. Evidence that the family were musical was also found, and this inspired Creative Director Richard Schofield to involve more musicians to create a musical memorial. Now it’s over to you.

Remix pack

The stems of the orchestral music are available here:

Samples of Yiddish singing here:

Field recordings of traditionally Jewish industries are here:

Your challenge is to remix this material any way you want, the more innovation the better.



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