Electro Bongo Remix Comp

GENRE: Techno
BPM: 127
ARTIST: Electro Bongo
TRACK: Ich Bin Ein Berliner
Contest Page

No preview track available. Listen to original on contest page


-3 winners to be featured on an upcoming Blend remix EP
-sample pack Function Loops

East Coast based Electronic producer ElectroBongo is known for blending minimal techno, deep house and downtempo music. ElectroBongo has been a dedicated member of the Blend community from its early days, and recently released an awesome dancey new EP on our label called Space House. He shared “Space House is about creating a renewed buzz for electronic music producers and listeners, along with artists, to keep thinking about blending music and art in new ways.”


ElectroBongo has published his single in three different formats for the Blend community to remix and collaborate on. You can find below alongside Stems, a Reason 8 and Ableton Live version for you to pull and remix based on your DAW of preference.




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