RMX Contest

GENRE: EDM, Dance, Pop
VOCALS: Female
TRACK: Herz Aus Gold
Contest Page

Listen to Original Track



The first prize is an SPL Creon USB Audio-Interface at a value of 479€ (RRP, incl. 19% VAT).

Two further participants will be awarded one SPL Software-Plugin each. They can choose between the SPL Transient Designer Plus Plugin or an SPL EQ Ranger Plus Plugin.


The RMX CONTEST is conducted by balu in cooperation with SPL

Join balu’s RMX Contest and download the STEMS to the track HERZ AUS GOLD.

Please use the original vocaltrackin your mix. What other stems you choose to use is up to you. You decide which stems fit your sound!

Clubmix, fat beats or a smooth loungefeeling – let your creative juices flow and create your version of HERZ AUS GOLD.

Send an MP3 of your mix to rmx@rmxbalu.de, so that everybody can listen to your remix.

We will then add your remix to the official Soundcloud-Accountwww.soundcloud.com/rmxbalu.

You can also listen to your tracks here under YOUR MIXES.

Please label finished remixes as follows: Herz aus Gold [“YOUR NAME” Remix]



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