Kniteforce Remx Comp

GENRE: Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass
TRACK : 3 songs to choose from. Can submit 1 remix of each
Contest Page

“Get Your Remix Released On Vinyl On Kniteforce Records Competition” rules page blog post section thing! Catchy titles are my specialty you know. Anyway.

If you are on the mailing list, you will be sent links to the sample packs on Monday 1st of August. If you are reading this, and not on the mailing list, join now to get the samples. I will resend the links each Monday until the end of August. The mailing list can be joined by using the form at the top right hand corner of this page!

Okay, I’m going to give you a brief overview of the competition, and then a list of rules 🙂

I put NO RESTRICTIONS on what you do as an artist when remixing. But for this competition, its worth reading these guidelines…

I am restarting Kniteforce as a vinyl label. I am going to pretend that, other than better equipment and production, nothing much happened from 1997 onwards as far as music development is concerned. So the label will concentrate on the hardcore and jungle and d’n’b sound from 1991-1997. This is relevant to anyone entering the competition. I am looking for authentic sounding remixes. The rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “would this remix fit into a set of great tunes from that era?”

If the answer is yes, you are on the right track.

It is important to say that this doesn’t mean your remix has to be breakbeat – there were great tracks in various styles – 4×4, jungle, d’n’b, hardcore, heavy, dark, light, and combinations of everything. Thats why it was such a great era. As for BPM, 150 – 210 is about right lol. But if you want it to win and be on vinyl, a Trap breakdown or Dubstep remix isn’t going to do it lol.

Having said that, if you want to make a wicked modern remix, with Trap, Dubstep, Speedcore or whatever you feel like doing, thats fine too – If your remix is outside of what I am looking for to release on the vinyl, it can go on KFA perhaps as a digital release. We will see. But the bottom line is, to get on the vinyl, you need to be channelling your old skool.


  1. There are THREE sample packs. You may remix one, two, or all three of the tracks, but only send me ONE remix of each track please. I do not want 11 versions of your remix lol, and I will not release 3 remixes on vinyl from the same person, so bear that in mind.

The plan is to release 2 vinyls, but if I end up with 3 remixes of 3 different tunes that are all excellent, then there will be 3 remix vinyls. The third one will be released after the first two. The sample packs DO NOT contain midi files, because most of the tracks were made on an Atari and they are lost forever. Each pack contains all the samples I have for that track, which, due to the years, might not be as much as we would all wish for lol. The sample pack also contains the original track.

  1. The competition ends on SEPTEMBER 12th 2016. All remixes must be received by this date.

  2. I will announce the winning remixes on SEPTEMBER 19th 2016. Then the masters will be sent to be cut, and I am aiming for a December release of the two winning vinyls. The winner will receive copies of the test press and final press of course. For a fee. Just kidding, for free, obviously.

  3. DO NOT post your remix or a clip of your remix anywhere online. I will instantly disqualify anyone who does. It ruins the surprise, and if I get too many good remixes, I may well release overflow remixes as a separate digital project on KFA.

  4. All rights remain property of Kniteforce Records. So don’t go remixing it, calling it another name, and then putting it out. Thats lame lol.

  5. This competition is open to everyone except the current KFA crew, who kindly excused themselves so that I would not favour them. But be assured, I won’t favour anybody. I am looking for the best remixes I can get, and in that I am judge and jury and executioner. Well, not executioner. But judge and jury.

  6. You may add you own samples, riffs, breakbeats, whatever you like. Please do in fact! But use your head. If you sample the piano out of Scott Brown’s “Elysium” or the theme from Star Wars and stick it in the middle of the remix, thats just not gonna fly lol. Also, its a remix, not a brand new tune. In other words, it should have some of the original tracks elements 🙂

  7. When the remix is finished, zip it up WITH YOUR NAME AND CONTACT DETAILS and send it to me at  Please DO NOT send via email, or via media fire or send space or dropbox or whatever. Wetransfer will let you know when I have downloaded your remix, so you can be sure it has arrived. Send it in 320mp3 format please – and if you can, it would help to add your email address and real name in the “comments” section of the MP3 tag. Just makes it easier for me!




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  1. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been tto this wwebsite
    before but after looking att some of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m definitely happy I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking basck frequently!

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