Waterworks Remix Comp

GENRE: House, Tech House, EDM
ARTIST: Loui Cleghorn
TRACK: Waterworks
Hosted on Soundcloud  Contest Page

On the 12th of September we release the “Waterworks” EP from Loui Cleghorn. It contains the title track and also “Gird Up Your Loins”, two tracks that are full to the brim with beautiful translucent melodies and perfected percussion. To flesh the EP out that bit more we’re going to include two remixes of the title track “Waterworks”. That’s were the competition part comes in. We’re making the stems for the track available for free download at our bandcamp site, all you have to do is head there and grab a free download of all the components and have a go at remixing the track.


There will be two winning remixes, one chosen by Loui himself and the other by Bricolage label head, Fragile X. Both of the winning remixes will feature on the EP release in September.

The competition officially opens today and there is a 6 week time frame before the competition closes on Saturday the 10th of September, two days before the EP release.

All potential remixes must be submitted to the Soundcloud group set up by the label @soundcloud.com/groups/loui-cleghorn-waterworks-remix-competition

You can grab the free stems release on Bandcamp @ bricolagecollective.bandcamp.com/album/lo…petition




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