The Evolution Remix Comp

GENRE: House, Progressive House
ARTIST: Ben Delaney
TRACK: The Evolution
Hosted on Soundcloud  Contest Page

Go crazy. last time it was a minimal remix that one my competition.
you must submit your mixes to this group :
before the 31st of August 2016.
Winners will be announced in the week the competition ends co judged by select beats.
if you have your track download gate enabled please throw me on the gate lmao.

the winner(s) will receive a promotion bundle from select beats – including a repost on the winning remix(es) and on other work of the winner(s) choice if it is seen as fit for the repost page.

I personally will also give the same prize reposting across my personal accounts.

i will give a sample pack out which will include a heap of samples from my originals and bootlegs.

if i think of anything else i will add it into here.

if you have ideas for prizes let us know




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