Skyclan Remix Comp

GENRE: Drum & Bass
ARTIST: Heavy Pulse
TRACK: Skyclan
Hosted on Soundcloud Contest Page

You are going to be picked for your creativity, talent, mixing and mastering.

The first place winner will also receive the opportunity for a collaboration with me and a Skype call where I talk about tips and tricks about how I make my songs if they desire it. The top 2 or 3 remixes will be featured on my next free EP, and will also receive a custom pack I made…

The pack will include:

Drum Hits
Bass Hits
Massive Presets
Harmour Presets
Serum Presets

1. The content you submit must contain at least 3 of the stems provided.
2. The content you submit must be your own.
3. The content you submit can be any genre you desire.
4. To submit your content, send a private message to me with the link to the song included (THE SONG ONLY WHEN THE CONTEST IS OVER CAN BE A FREE DOWNLOAD).
5. The song can’t be a WIP, it must be complete.

Stems and MIDI:!Ai1o4JVvg4t-hlxvC3-Mjin-J_ps



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