Ghouls Remix Comp

GENRE: Dubstep
ARTIST: Hexadigital
TRACK: Ghouls
Contest Page

Download the remix stems here!

Finished song is in F Harmonic Minor, 140 BPM

Ghouls Alpha was the “rough sketch” of the song
Ghouls Beta was the “fleshed out” version of the song, which was the source for the final copy.
Ghouls Final is, as the name suggests, the final version of the song.

These files are distributed for the Ghouls Remix contest! Send all remixes to before Oct 1st, 2016 to qualify!

1. Remixes must not use any copyrighted material (including but not limited to: snippets from other songs, samples that you do not have clearance to use)
2. Your artist name must be in the email (so that I can credit you for the remix!)
3a. Remixes must be submitted as a WAV file, uploaded to Mediafire, MEGA, or some similar file sharing site.
3b. If there is an issue with the file host or the file itself, I will contact you about it.
4. Up to three remixers will receive a monetary reward through Paypal! ($15, $10, $5)
5a. One remixer MAY be featured on my debut album itself, and not the remix album. (I will contact you if this is the case)
5b. If this happens, said remixer will receive a cut of all profit for the entire year after release through Paypal. (percentage to be determined)




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