Who I Am Remix Comp

Artist: Christina Marie Magenta
Track: Who I Am
Genre: Electro Rock, Rock, EDM
Vocals: Female
Hosted On Wavo
Tempo-116 bpm
Contest Page

Get The Stems Here

1st place prize: $200, custom royalty free vocals performed by CmM on any track the winner requests, The Total Bundle of music software from d16 (€ 619)d16.pl/products, and remix released worldwide
2nd place prize: $100, LuSH-101 from d16 (€ 149), and released worldwide
3rd place prize: $75, Any Classic Boxes Collection instrument from d16, and released worldwide
4th place prize: $50, Any SilverLine Collection from d16, and released worldwide
5th place prize: $50, Any SilverLine Collection from d16, and released worldwide

One remix will be be picked by CmM to be released on the Crush album late 2016. Several other remixes will be released on a remix album in 2017. This list of who will be released will be announced when we announce winners. Upload your finished remix to the remix soundcloud group. There are no limitations on which stems you use or what your version can sound like. Winners are chosen by the remix artists! If you enter the contest, you can vote. After Sept 6th, you have one week to make your choice for top 6 picks (in any order). Yes, you can vote for yourself. Email your votes directly to me in soundcloud, you are also welcome to post them publicly but please make sure you email them also. Remember, only remix artists who enter this contest are allowed to vote, however you are not required to vote. Please wait till Sept 6th in case of late entries.
The cash rewards will be paid out via Paypal. If you can not take paypal, you will get an Amazon.com gift card for the same amount. Multiple remixes from the same remixer are allowed. Songs that use illegal samples are not eligible for release. We will need .wavs files after contest of the winning remixes and any others who are chosen for release on a remix album with our music label Mr.Giggles Man inc. In regards to setting the remix to free download = its your choice, but free downloads are always fun. If you want to sell / self-release your remix later, please email me to discuss getting permissions needed. There are many people involved with this track and I need to run it by them also, but I will do all I can to help.



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