Video Game Music II Contest

Track: Original Music
Hosted om Indaba
Contest Page


Up to 10 tracks selected


We were so inspired by the first round of our Video Game music and now we want to hear more! This genre has come a long way since the instrumental 8-bit early days of Double Dragon, Rad Racer and Sonic The Hedgehog. Advances in music production and the fusion of music and video game culture (i.e., the indie rock and hip-hop infused soundtrack to Tony Hawks pro-skater or Grand Theft Auto radio) have redefined the scoring process. As developers race to keep up with the demands of gamers worldwide, composers like Trent Reznor are being tapped to soundtrack movies and video games alike. Despite this evolution, nostalgia remains strong for the timeless bleep-bloop synth of the 80’s and 90’s, which are preserved through popular Chiptune artists like Anamanaguchi and Bit Shifter.

As we ramp up efforts to get a diversified set of high quality music into the Indaba Sync licensing catalog, we’re offering a set of genre specific opportunities. For this opportunity, submit your best Video Game inspired tracks and be placed into the catalog. Keep in mind that your interpretation of this genre is up to you. Whether it’s a punk song fit for a skating game or a chiptune throwback, we want it all!

Submission Requirements

  • Submit your original Video Game inspired song to be considered for placement.
  • Your song must not be previously released by a label or publisher – and you must control 100% of the rights.
  • Your files should be “broadcast-ready” (ie. fully-mixed and ready to go)
  • We are looking for new songs (ie. something fresh sounding that was recorded in the last year)
  • Even though many classic hits used samples, your’s cannot! Songs using illegal samples will be disqualified.



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