Raise A Voice Remix Comp

GENRE: Dub, Reggae
ARTIST: Zion Train
TRACK: Raise A Voice
Hosted on Global Local
Contest Page

PRIZE – Win £100 + 25% of sales/streaming income

Zion Train are Dub/Dance pioneers and have been undisputed leaders in the genre for the past 2 decades. The band were heavily involved in alternative and DIY underground culture in the UK during the 1990’s, mixing acid house electronica with vocalists and acoustic instruments. Zion Train have been one of the planet’s most prolific groups, along with a mammoth recorded output and innumerable production credits, remixes and song writing collaborations they have produced magazines, CD-ROMs, Internet sites and built sound systems. ]They released the world’s first promotional dub music video for the ‘Get Ready’ single and caused a furore with the publicity cam

Global Local Remix Space is where audiences and Global Local artists work together to produce unique new mash up’s of cultures, sounds and beats.

This is your chance to work with some of the very best global music sounds. So download the stems, put your headphones on and get busy. Then upload your creation back here for others to listen and rate.



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