Forty Thieves Orkestar Remix Comp

GENRE: World, Balkan Beat
ARTIST: Forty Thieves Orkestar
TRACK: Last Band Standing
Hosted on Global Local
Contest Page

PRIZE – Win £100 + 25% of sales/streaming income

An infectious infusion of Eastern melodies. With sultry London beats, Forty Thieves Orkestar create a unique sound both on record and at their vibrant gigs. Their influences range from Balkan Gypsy music, Klezmer, and belly dancing music, to hip hop, King Tubby style reggae and abstract filmic soundscapes. Brass, clarinet, violins, accordion, oud and percussion interweave with earthy samples, crisp beats, evocative atmospherics, and studio trickery. This track is from the Last Band Standing album, released in 2011.

Global Local Remix Space is where audiences and Global Local artists work together to produce unique new mash up’s of cultures, sounds and beats.

This is your chance to work with some of the very best global music sounds. So download the stems, put your headphones on and get busy. Then upload your creation back here for others to listen and rate.




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