Indaba Love Contest

Artist: You
Track: Original
Genre: Any
Hosted on Indaba Music
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Up to 10 tracks selected


Some of the most influential and best selling music comes from a desire to unite, open minds, hope for a better world, inspire change, and celebrate diversity. From John Lennon’s “Imagine” in 1971 to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” in 2011 there have been countless songs that have helped bring humanity courage. Even songs as simple as Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole’s cover of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” can instantly bring feelings of inner beauty and hope. Despite the progress we have made there is still so much violence, hatred, and prejudice alive. Now is a particularly necessary time to make music that can combat these negative forces. So in the words of Katy Perry “Come on, let your colors burst!”.

This opportunity is part of our effort to get a diversified set of high quality, inspiring music into the Indaba Sync licensing catalog. For this opportunity, submit your most empowering track and be placed into the catalog. We are looking for music that has a feeling of unity, hope, progress, and strength. Whether it is an uplifting anthem, EDM banger, or singer songwriter track your interpretation of these themes is up to you!

Submission Requirements

  • Submit your original song to be considered for placement.
  • Your song must not be previously released by a label or publisher – and you must control 100% of the rights.
  • Your files should be “broadcast-ready” (ie. fully-mixed and ready to go)
  • We are looking for new songs (ie. something fresh sounding that was recorded in the last year)
  • Even though many classic hits used samples, your’s cannot! Songs using illegal samples will be disqualified.




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