Impetus Views Remix Comp

GENRE: EDM, Electronic, Drum & Bass, Ambient
16 songs to choose from. You can submit a remix for 2 different songs
ARTIST: Official Ponytronic
ALBUM : Impetus Views
Contest Page


4th Place: Follow on YT or SC and Repost of remix on SC.

3rd Place:  Place on album, Collab offer, and 4th place tier.

2nd Place: Free upcoming sample pack, Promotion on remix, Production tips/advice/opinion and 3rd + 4th place tier.

1st Place:  Free upcoming sample pack, Two remixes of any original track that you made of your choice, Collab ep offer, Video visualizer for any of your song/remix/ep on your channel, 2nd,3rd,+ 4th place tier.


1) You can submit remixes of up to two tracks only. The remixes of the track can’t be the same track remixed twice. It must be two different songs in the original Impetuous Views album.

2) Be creative with your remixes (I.E don’t just upload one of the stems and then claim it as a remix,you will be disqualified if you do)

3) Don’t use any show samples (Try to avoid copyright m’kay?)

4) Any genre is welcomed (expect if just white noise, obviously that isn’t anything now is it?)

5) You can collab with another musician to a remix, however it will count for both you and the collaborator

as one remix already if you plan to do two. (Just keep that in mind c:)

6) Use at least one of stems provided in your remix, unless if you are submitting an Orchestral remake/remix

7) Have fun and take your time.

8) Don’t steal remixes from other constants,you will be disqualified if you do.

9) If you need extension of more time, feel free to contact me and will you be provided more time if needed

10) Make sure your remix doesn’t pass more than 10 minutes, if it does go over this time please provide an alternative mix or radio edit of your remix.

11) Submit your final remixes in .wav formats only, no .mp3 as I will upload it in places where they only .wav files are needed.

12) If needed keep me updated with wips of your entry if not don’t post any wips publicly. If you do you will be disqualified.

13) Once finished, don’t provide a download of your remix till after the results of the contest

14) For Orchestral entries only, make sure a majority of you only use orchestral elements to your entries.Electronic elements are only to be used in mixing/mastering, effects,percussion, ambience, etc.  

15) Be sure to label your entry accordingly: Ex: Ponytronic – (choice of song to be remixed)

(artist(s) remix/remake/etc.)



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