Truffle Shuffle Remix Comp

Artist: Chann3l
Track: Truffle Shuffle
Genre: Dubstep
Hosted by DivisionBass Digital
Contest Page

The 4 winning remixes will be released on the official Truffle Shuffle The Remixes release through DivisionBass Digital via Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play plus many more.
The 4 winners will also receive 50% of the royalties made by each of their remixes sold. the winners will also win a release of their own on DivisionBass Digital with your music being sold on all the stores listed above and many many more. The winners will also win 2 tracks of their choice to be mastered by GreenWaves Audio Mastering

COMPETITION RULES..(1) Please “Like” us on
(2) The sample pack downloaded may only be used for this remix competition (By downloading them you agree to the terms that the use of samples in any other commercial context can result in legal action being taken against you)
(3) Any material used in your remix must not violate any laws or third party rights.
(4) All remixes will be property of DivisionBass Digital / Vinyl Related Records and any commercial use is prohibited.
(5) You must be prepared to enter a contract under which your remix or your own track may be released.
(6) you can place your remix on your Soundcloud but you cannot set it as a Free Download until after the competition has ended if you do you will be disqualified.
(7) Only 1 Remix per artist
(8) Remixes must be posted on”This Soundcloud Group
(9) You must have a track of your own for release (Not a Remix) if you are to become one of our winners
(11) Judges’ decisions are final

Please Note that we will except any Genres for this competition We are looking for some originality on this remix so good luck and get creative.

ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR REMIX..ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR REMIX.. Please name the remix like this (Chann3l – Truffle Shuffle – Remix Artist Name Here) Please post your remix to “This Soundcloud Group(PLEASE NOTE if you set your remix as a Free Download before the competition has ended you will be disqualified)



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