Wet Hot Indaba Summer

Artist: You
Track: Original
Genre: Any
Hosted by Indaba
Contest Page


What would summertime be without music!? Even in the dead of winter we are transported to those sun-soaked memories just by listening to last years poolside playlist. Whether we’re Kan Jamming at the beach, taking a road trip, or BBQing with friends, we’re going to need the proper jams and this year it’s up to you to get the party popping. Show me the fever, into the fire, taking it higher and higher!

As we ramp up efforts to get a diversified set of high quality music into the Indaba Sync licensing catalog, we’re offering a set of genre specific opportunities. For this opportunity, submit your best Summertime inspired tracks to be placed into the catalog.

Submission Requirements

  • Submit your original summer jams to be considered for placement.
  • Your song must not be previously released by a label or publisher – and you must control 100% of the rights.
  • Your files should be “broadcast-ready” (ie. fully-mixed and ready to go)
  • We are looking for new songs (ie. something fresh sounding that was recorded in the last year)
  • Even though many classic hits used samples, your’s cannot! Songs using illegal samples will be disqualified.


Up to 10 tracks selected

  • Inclusion in the Indaba Sync licensing catalog.
  • Pro Status on Indaba Music




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