Crank It Up Remix Comp

Artist: Jacky Greco
Track: Crank It Up
Genre: EDM, Electro, Electro House
Hosted on Wavo
Contest Page

Jacky Greco is known for many things – a charming and charismatic personality that makes his music even more compelling and producing big room electro house and EDM tracks that leave party goers going wild. In that spirit Greco recently announced the release of his latest free download track “Crank It Up” on FLUO Universe record label.

As a thank you to the producers who have remixed his work in the past, we wanted to bring you a new track! Producers will be able to download the stems of the song and enter the contest, with the best remixes going on to be featured on a coming official FLUO Universe remix compilation in partnership with WE RAVE YOU.

Top 5 Prize
– Feature on upcoming official FLUO Universe remix compilation
– $100 WAVO Boost Campaign
– An honorable mention through We Rave You’s article plus re-post on Soundcloud
– Repost on FLUO Universe social media & websites
– Jacky Greco Official social media repost + soundcloud partners repost




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