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Hosted on Blend
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Waves are well known for their great sounding, cutting-edge software and even hardware processors fit for every aspect of audio production; from tracking, mixing, mastering, to broadcast and live sound. Blend has now teamed up with Waves for an exciting production challenge featuring their powerful synths: Codex and Element.

Powered by Waves’ Virtual Voltage technology and armed with an advanced granular wavetable engine, Codex is a polyphonic synth designed to create sounds that range from warm acoustic and analog emulations to completely new, never-before-heard intricate and evolving textures. Its sibling, Element 2.0 is built to deliver the fat, warm sounds and a vast array of convenient features and functions, including five integrated effects, a 16-step sequencer, and a massive, fully tweakable preset library.

Interested in checking these out and a chance to win the full versions of them?

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Download the trial for Codex here or Element 2.0 here
  2. Create an original track using the trial of either synth
  3. Publish your track by May 16th with tag WAVESCONTEST to be considered a winner

Note: All participants who enter the contest will be added to the Waves mailing list.

Blend and Waves will listen to all of the submissions and select two winners to receive the complete version of Codex and two winners for Element 2.0 as well as have their tracks be featured on Blend. We look forward to hearing what music you create inspired by these amazing synths from Waves!




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