Siren Remix Comp

Artist: Vicetone feat Pia Toscano
Track: Siren
Genre: Pop, Dance, EDM
Vocals: Female
Hosted on Wavo
Contest Page

– 60 minute Skype session with Vicetone to discuss producer tips and finish off the remix
– Upload to the Vicetone Soundcloud channel
– Upload to the Vicetone YouTube channel
– Post on assorted Vicetone social media channels
– Vicetone t-shirt and hat
– 1x pair – SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks Around Ear Headphones (X3). (Retail Value $149.99)
– 1x unit – SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker (Retail Value $49.99)

Hey guys, this is Ruben and Victor from Vicetone! We are inviting you to remix our track Siren, featuring the amazing vocals of Pia Toscano, off our recent Aurora EP. We are really excited to hear what you guys will come up with. A couple years ago as beginning producers, we entered a couple of remix contests ourselves, and we know how important and exciting they can be. That’s why we want to promise you that we will listen to every single remix and personally pick the best one. All genres are welcome! We can’t wait to hear your entries!
-Ruben & Victor


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