Shadow Of Love Remix Comp

Artist: Sam Feldt feat. Heidi Rojas
Track: Shadows Of Love
Genre: Dance, Pop
Vocals: Female
Hosted on Spinnin Records
Contest Page

Want to remix Sam Feldt’s ’Shadow of Love’?
Here’s your chance to win this cool contest and have your remix of ‘Shadow of Love’ to be released as a free download together with Sam Feldt’s next track. One month after the release of ‘Shadow of Love’, it’s now time for the best remix possible of this inspired piece of deep house, featuring melodic chords and touching vocals of Heidi Rogas. As always, we’re looking for something unique and original. Are you able to step out of the shadow of love? The second and third place will win a signed goodie bag by Sam Feldt, including a t-shirt, flag, fan and many more. Good luck!

Log in, show some support to the artists, download the stems & get to work! Sam Feldt and Spinnin’ Records will hand pick the winners. People who reach the top-3 in the competition chart get a special award automatically added to their profile.


1ST PLACE: Your remix as free download with the next Sam Feldt release

2ND and 3rd PLACE: Sam Feldt Goodie Bag



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