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Indaba Music is proud to bring to you the Sample Session series – a producer opportunity, where members create original songs using samples from the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library.

For this edition, we turn our focus to sample packs featuring Modular Synths – synthesizers comprised of many small modules that connect with patch cords to create an infinite stock of sound possibilities. Most recognizably prominent in 70’s and 80’s electronic music and Prog Rock, modular synth technology brings DIY musical engineering and experimentation to new heights.

Over the past year, Com Truise, Berklee Electronic Production and Design students, and the synth experts of QuBit Electronix have contributed some of this circuit bending magic to Converse’s growing Rubber Tracks Sample Library. Now, it’s your turn to take these unique samples to yet another level. Vibes were high throughout these sessions and we hope the inspiration rubs off on you as you explore and create with these unique sounds.

Remember to focus your compositions around samples contained in the Com Truise“Analog Synths” pack, the Berklee Sound Design pack, and the all new QuBit Electronix“QuBit Modular Jam” pack.


Grand Prize Winner

  • $250
  • A $100 Converse Gift Card
  • Pro status on Indaba Music

2 Runner Up Winners

  • A $100 Converse Gift Card
  • New Prize
  • Pro status on Indaba Music

3 Popular Vote Winners

  • Pro status on Indaba Music

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