WINNER: We would love to congratulate Rob Hayes for being picked by Iconique as the winner of our second Remix Competition.
Artist: Iconique
Track: Step Into The Mood
Genre: Nu Disco
Vocals: Female
Hosted by MetaPop
Contest Page


MetaPop launches their  second Remix This! campaign where each and every remix made by their  users is pre-cleared for monetization on youtube and soundcloud.  This is the second of many opportunities  for you to earn cash for your remixes. It’s free and  takes less than a minute to sign up. Go to MetaPop

MetaPop is the premier global provider of Remix rights management, licensing, tracking, distribution and royalty services for Remixers and Rights Holders.


Here’s your chance to make $$$ doing what you love.


Follow these 4 simple steps and you’re on your way

  1. Download the stems and create your remix
  2. Upload your remix to MetaPop
  3. Edit Remix and link to the original song (Fresh 2 Death)
  4. Promote and Earn. MetaPop will distribute to Youtube and monetize.
    Note: After step 3 MetaPop will ask you for your PayPal info.
    Everyone gets paid when youtube pays MetaPop.
    Rights Owner 70%  You 15% and MetaPop 15%



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