Bolivia & Urban Francis Remix Comp

Artist: Bolivia & Urban Francis
Track: Courage
Genre: Electro, Progressive House
Contest Page

PRIZE $300 Canadian

How To Enter

1.  Send a link to your track via email to Urban Francis in an uncompressed audio format, ie. WAV or AIFF format.  The best way to do this is probably to put it into a Dropbox account (you can get one for free if you don’t already have one) and share the link to the file with Urban Francis.  If this isn’t possible, you can find other services that would allow you to host and share your file.  But to be honest, Dropbox is probably the best and easiest by far.  An alternative would be to get a free Soundcloud account (if you don’t already have one) and upload the file there, and enable downloads, then send that link to Urban Francis.

2.  You should not send your project/session files.

3.  You can produce your remix in the DAW or Audio Editor of your choice.  We’d like to know which DAW you used, but that’s mostly just out of curiousity.  Also, although we haven’t decided this yet, we might pick a couple of especially good entries to feature in our public dropbox (your entire project files) IF you’re willing to do that.  But you don’t have to, and that won’t affect how we judge the entries.  Again, don’t send us your full project/session files.  For now, just tell us which editor you used.

4.  We must have the following information:
– Your full name.
– Your producer alias, if you have one.
– What country you’re from.
– Your email address (if unspecified, we’ll assume that it’s the one that you use to enter).

5.  You can optionally include a photo with your entry.  This is not mandatory, and won’t affect your chances of winning.  We’ll only use this if you’re the winner and if you happen to want a photo published.

6.  You can optionally include a background graphic with your entry.  This is not mandatory, and won’t affect your chances of winning.  If you send one, we’ll use this to embed in the audio in case we share your remix.  You don’t have to do any graphics work with titling; we’ll take care of all that.  And if your submission is one of the five non-winning submissions that we pick randomly to feature, we’ll use that graphic in the mp3’s, soundcloud links, and so on.  If you don’t want to include a graphic, no problem – we’ll pick one for you.  If you decide to include a graphic though, make sure it’s at least 1200×1200 pixels in resolution.

7.  In the event that your submission is randomly selected to be shared by us to a wider distribution, it would be helpful for you to tell us (when you enter) whether or not you want to share any promotional details with your remix.  Details must be limited to one email address and/or up to four website links (soundcloud, facebook, etc.).

8.  Urban Francis will reply to all submissions to confirm that they have been received.  If you don’t get a submission confirmation email, please send a second email which is TEXT ONLY to specify that you sent a submission.  That way, if your original email (with links and/or attachments) got redirected to spam/trash, we can look for it.

The email address to send entries to is:

Again, to find more information about the original track, plus links to all of the videos that we have on YouTube to explain our original Ableton 9.5 project files, visit the following link:





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