Spell Remix Comp

Artist: Hollywood Principle
Track: Spell
Genre: Pop,EDM
Vocals: Female
Hosted on Indaba
Contest Page

1 Grand Prize Winner

  • $200
  • A Pair of BeoPlay H6 Heads Audio Headphones
  • Official release of the Winning Remix on Spotfiy
  • An offer of a royalties deal from the Winning Remix’s total Spotify stream
  • A release of the Winning Remix on all of Hollywood Principle’s social media properties

3 Popular Vote Winners

  • Pro Status on Indaba Music

Formed in 2013 in San Diego, Hollywood Principle is an electronic trio who’s expertly crafted, modern sound is unique blend of haunting vocal melodies, indie electronica, and post dubstep influences. Their debut concept album Starting Over has garnered critical success and expanded their fan base to an international audience through commercial opportunities like a recent feature of their song “Seeing What’s Next” in Psyonix’s widely popular video game Rocket League.

Now, Hollywood Principle want you to remix their latest in a string of successful singles “Spell”. Drop these stems into the magic pot and put us under your spell!



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