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Indaba Contest Trial (Outside of the EU) Indaba Contest Trial (EU only)

EASTWEST ( is the #1 developer of virtual instruments in the world. EASTWEST has led the industry for more than 28 years and provides professionals with the very best music creation tools available. Last year, EASTWEST launched ComposerCloud, the first subscription service that gives composers, musicians, producers, and songwriters instant access to their catalog of over 9,000 award-winning virtual instruments, anytime, anywhere, for less than a dollar a day.

Now, EASTWEST wants to see what YOU can create with their vast virtual instrument library. Using only the featured instruments “Goliath” and “Spaces” within Composer Cloud and your own vocals, EASTWEST is looking for the best original track that shows off the power and diversity of the instruments in ComposerCloud.

So download the free 30-day trial and start making some Composer Cloud magic!!

  • To be eligible, you MUST download and exclusively use the virtual instruments from the INDABA CONTEST TRIAL.
  • The 30-day trial is FREE and you will NOT be charged. But you will be asked to enter Credit Card information to signup.
  • At the end of your free trial period, your subscription will end and you will NOT be charged. However, you can start a paid membership at any point in the future to gain access to Composer Cloud’s full collection of 53 products.
  • There are separate subscription links for EU and Non-EU citizens. Please use the correct subscription link that applies to your current residency.
  • EASTWEST is looking for the best original track exclusively using the Composer Cloud virtual instruments and your own vocals.
  • Vocals are NOT required for your original track but they are an option if you want.
  • EASTWEST is NOT looking for a specific genre or style track. Be creative and submit whatever type of music you like to make.
  • Do not include any material that you do not have the legal right to exploit.
  • More votes will not make your submission more likely to win the Grand Prize.

Grand Prize Winner

  • $300
  • 1 year long subscription to EastWest’s ComposerCloud

1 Runner Up

  • 1 year long subscription to EastWest’s ComposerCloud

3 Popular Vote Winners

  • Pro status on Indaba Music



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