Sour Patch Bounce Remix Comp

Artist: Tony Sour
Track: Sour Patch Bounce
Genre: EDM, Electro House
Vocals: Male
Hosted on Wavo
Contest Page

1st Prize
– Official remix on Tony Sour’s upcoming album through Blue Label Records
– $100 boost campaign
– Opportunity for follow up original release on Blue Label Records with radio & marketing promotion
– Sub Pac (wearable)

Runner Up
– Official remix released as a free download on Blue Label Records.
– $100 boost campaign
– V-Moda Headphones

“Sour Patch Bounce” is Producer/Label executive Tony Sour’s debut single on Blue Label Records in collaboration withSub Pac. This is your opportunity to have your talent given the recognition it deserves and to win some amazing prizes.

We’re seeking an intelligent yet exciting remix. There is no set genre guidelines. Don’t hesitate to make your track unique and stand out, that’s what Blue Label is all about. Whether your style is conservative or experimental the main thing is that your production quality is high and clean.



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