Kevin Reinoso Remix Contest

Artist: Kevin Reinoso
Track: One Last Time
Genre: Progressive House, EDM
Vocals: Male
Hosted on Soundcloud
Contest Page

1st place will have their remix in iTunes and all the digital stores plus recognition in more than 3 Famous international EDM Blogs with more than 200,000 visitors per day. 2nd and 3rd will be also on iTunes and all digital stores but wont get recognition from the EDM Blog.


The remix has to be within the EDM genres, could be (Trap, Drum and Bass, Future House, Dubstep, etc..) The owner of the original song has full rights to the remix. 4 days after closing Kevin Reinoso will announce the three winners and will contact them personally.

DOWNLOADS MUST BE DISABLE! you can activate downloads 30 days after the contest (If you didn’t win)The winners will have the songs with the downloads disable (Obviously)

Completed remixes should be submitted to the Group on soundcloud called (One Last Time Remix Contest)with downloads disabled, IT IS COMPLETELY ILLEGAL TO USE THE STEMS FOR OTHER PURPOSES.Remixes should be named in the pattern of “Kevin Reinoso – One Last Time (Artist Name Remix)”. AT THE BOTTOM YOU CAN CLICK AND GET THE STEMS AND ALSO A LINK THAT TAKES YOU TO THE GROUP WHERE YOU HAVE TO SUBMIT YOUR FINAL PROJECT.




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