AudioModern Samples Contest

Artist : You
Track: Original
Genre: Any
Hosted by Blend
Contest Page

Create a track using free samples from AudioModern to win prizes.

Led by sound designer & developer Max Million alongside a diverse team of creatives, AudioModern helps you create a better sound with their unique audio tools. Their offerings range from instruments like Sync 3, Modularpand Abuser to their Live Racks and high quality samples.

AudioModern has teamed up with Blend to provide you with a collection of free, high quality samples from across their library so you can create an original track for a chance to win prizes from their store.

Here’s How Enter:

  1. Download the free samples at AudioModern
  2. Create an original track using the samples in your DAW of choice
  3. Publish your track by April 11th with tag AudioModernContest to be considered a winner.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive 5 products of their choice from AudioModern, and two runners-up will receive one product of their choice from the AudioModern store. Get cracking!



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