Timeout Remix Comp

HIp Hop Sample Music from Loopmasters.com
Artist: Timeout ft. Bo Dean
Track: I Think I Luv Her
Genre: Rap, Hip Hop
Key: F Minor
BPM: 83.2Hosted by Indaba

Contest Page

Label founder, producer, tastemaker La Keenan “Time-Out” Ealy (T.O) was born into music. Raised by a musical family and brought up on the sounds of Billy Holiday, Anita Baker, Miles Davis and Quincy Jones, T.O. quickly acquired a strong taste for soulful music and began producing at the age of 12. The young entrepreneur now sits at the head of St. Louis based Force Music Group where he’s worked with artists like The Fray, Murphy Lee, Skinny Pimp, County Brown and Bo Dean to name a few. With over 16 years in the business, T.O. has only begun his work inspiring and shaping the careers of his talented pool of FMG clients.

Now, Time Out wants you to remix his new track “I Think I Luv Her” feat. Bo Dean off his new album The First Time. Take these fresh stems and get to crackin!

Creative Brief

  • Timeout is looking for remixes of there song “I Think I Luv Her” feat. Bo Dean.
  • You must use at least one of the provided audio stems to be eligible.
  • Do not include any material that you do not have the legal right to exploit.
  • More votes will not make your submission more likely to win the Grand Prize.


Grand Prize Winner

  • A promotional release through the band’s website
  • Feature on all of the band’s social properties
  • Royalties from any licensing placements

3 Popular Vote Winners

  • Pro status on Indaba Music

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