Knob Theory Contest

Deadline: ENDED
Artist: You
Track: Original
Genre: Any
Hosted by Blend
Contest Page

Create a Track with New Max for Live Device from Knob Theory for Chance to Win Private Lessons!

Knob Theory is a gathering place for new tools and education in modern electronic music led by premiere producers, developers, and designers in the industry. They have developed a new device for Ableton called Baby Steps which takes advantage of the nonstandard capabilities that Max For Live has made accessible to us by allowing any parameter of a track, device, or third-party plug-in to be quickly automated with Baby Steps. This is great for production (giving your parameter’s a little motion over time) and ideal for performance (making automation gestures than can be changed in an instant).

Now Knob Theory invites the Blend community to download Baby Steps to inspire you to create the best original track featuring the device.

Here’s How to Enter:

  1. Download BabySteps from Knob Theory Here
  2. Create an original track using BabySteps
  3. Tag Your Project BABYSTEPSCONTEST
  4. Publish Your Update by February 15th 2016 

First place winner will win a 2 hour, private lesson on the topic of their choice from Knob Theory.

Second & third tlace winners will win 1 hour private lesson on the topic of their choice from Knob Theory.


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